Our Vision

Our Vision

By 2023, TVFF will be a provider of comprehensive Youth and Community Development services in Chicago and Cook County. TVFF’s Model will be assessed internally to maximize coordinated and collaborative services

By 2025, TVFF will be recognized and sought out in Illinois and the Midwest as a preeminent Youth and Community Development agency, serving youth, training residents, and empowering communities. TVFF will have a proven-effective methodology that will allow youth, families, and communities to transition from being “at risk” to “at-hope.”

By 2025, TVFF will be recognized and sought out nationally as a premier provider of proven-effective Youth and Community Development services targeted for at-risk youth and communities. TVFF’s youth and community participants will serve as ambassadors, living examples of how TVFF’s Model transforms youth and communities from “at-risk” to “at-hope” and, ultimately, to respected, contributing members of society.

Nearly 1000 youth are served annually through TVFF’s FREE initiatives which are our Youth Leadership Academy, serving school-aged children first thru sixth grades: and, our Teen-Initiatives, serving youth junior high thru high school. Both initiatives have a strong youth leadership emphasis and offer activities that support safe, healthy group identities and holistic development. This runs counter to the gang-oriented, street culture.

Participants choose alternative cultures in TVFF’s programs promote fun, positive interactions; active, autonomous youth leadership; engaging, age-appropriate activities; affirming adult relationships; productive program “citizenship;” and, purposeful community actions.

Also, another 300 youth are engaged in off-site activities during the year. TVFF’ initiatives support spiritual, social, and academic development; provide needed structure, opportunities, and, training; connect youth with people and resources; and, foster a “winning” attitude critical to success. Program initatives are as follows:

  • Youth Leadership Academy
  • After School Program
  • Community Service
  • Junior Leadership Corps
  • Social Development
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Teen Leadership Training Institute
  • Daily Drop-In & Development Center
  • Faithful Steps Performing Arts Group
  • Financial Training
  • Teen Advisory Council
  • Community Task Force
  • Neighborhood Peace Actions
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Entrepreneurial Training

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